The journey of a finance transaction: the whole story

A financial transaction is a pretty vanilla thing, right?

Well no, not when relevant aspects of it are trapped in a bunch of data silos — from various PSPs to billing systems to order management systems… and some aspects even disappear, like a return that causes the original order details to be removed. What a nightmare.

One of the core values of Leapfin is that we create a Leapfin Financial Record for every one of your transactions.

That means for any subscription or order, you can see links to all associated payments, disputes, cash settlements, items included… And from any one of these you can “surf” along the transaction to find the others. If you’re investigating a dispute, you can find the payments, order, invoice – everything you need to get to the root cause of the issue.

If you’re trying to reconcile a cash settlement against orders, you can do that as well. You can see the full picture of each aspect of a finance transaction in conjunction with all the rest of the detail that make up that transactions, instead of resorting to digging through many different systems to find all the clues that tell the whole story.

All the information you need is interlinked, saving you the hassle of having to manually find what you’re looking for.

How a unified view of financial transactions and financial records  helps you overcome data silos

This infographic tells the story of how a subscription transaction comes together from order to cash in Leapfin.

We’ve included step by step descriptions of what happens from the moment when your customer signs up for a subscription to when a payment is made to your bank account or you have to process a dispute.

How does all of this work? Thanks to a library of pre-build connectors, Leapfin is able to integrate with and extract data from tools such as Stripe, Adyen, Paypal, and many others.

And with our customizable rules engine, we’re able to apply the logic you need to handle the complexity associated with handling subscription orders, disputes, upsells, cancellations, and more.

Based on the data collected PSPs, billing systems, order management systems, and others, Leapfin will create financial records and allow you to drill deeper into all the financial events associated with it.

Want to see this in action in Leapfin? Check out our full subscription demo here.

If you’re interested in how Leapfin can help you simplify how you process and track finance transactions, click here to talk to our team.

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