Introducing Leapfin

When Erik and I founded the company in 2015, we shared a vision. We wanted to do more than build another software solution for the finance organization; we wanted to transform it. Our vision was to empower CFOs and finance organizations with actionable insights, and take away the tedious work getting in the way of strategic thinking. As we enter 2020, this vision still holds true.

The concept behind Leapfin comes from 20 years of cumulative frustrations across our careers. Having both been executives and finance leaders at private and public companies, we were continually amazed by how often we made critical business decisions based on imperfect data. Not because we didn’t know what data we needed to see, but because we couldn’t get it.

Every business function, especially finance, has increasingly transformed over the past few years. We’ve seen finance become less of a reporting function and grow into an analytical one. Executives increasingly rely on finance to derive critical analysis in order to drive the business decisions fundamental to their growth. Yet, over 90% of CFOs and finance executives say they are crippled with financial and operations data, stunting top management to make these decisions.

We have been working tirelessly under the radar for the past year and half with our early customers, including Flexport, Canva, Top Hat, Vimeo, and Rocksbox, who believe in our vision. Today, we introduce Leapfin to the world for the very first time hoping to bridge the data gap. We are proud to launch the first unified financial data platform for modern businesses.

Our goal is to take care of the plumbing side of finance for you – financial data collection, cleansing, and complex processes. We digitize your financial model so you always have one single source of truth that’s accurate and ready to go.

Let us help make your life a little simpler, so you can focus on what really drives the business forward.

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