A Seat at the Table: Megan Binkley’s Guide to Empowerment in Finance

In a recent conversation, Megan Binkley, Interim CFO at Root (and a good friend of mine, I might add), shared her thoughts on driving strategy, stepping into her role, and supporting other women in the finance industry. Below are some of Megan’s key insights and actionable advice, and video of the whole conversation.

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Driving Strategy Across the Company

Megan emphasized the importance of consistency and vocalizing the need for finance to have a seat at the table. By leveraging financial expertise, finance professionals can create significant value, reduce unnecessary risks, and lower costs, ultimately earning their place in strategic discussions.

Embracing the Interim CFO Role

Despite the sudden nature of her transition into the Interim CFO role, Megan focuses on learning, adaptation, and viewing the situation as happening for her, not to her. She believes in knowing her limitations, setting the right expectations, and leveraging her experience with confidence.

Supporting Other Women in Finance

Megan stresses the importance of women investing in other women and helping them rise in their careers. She recommends giving credit to colleagues, advocating for oneself, and building a strong network of allies and sponsors. Megan believes that collaboration, forming close connections, and sharing experiences are essential for success.


Megan Binkley’s insights offer valuable guidance for women in finance, emphasizing the importance of driving strategy, embracing challenges, and supporting fellow women in the industry. By following her advice, finance professionals can empower themselves and others to reach new heights.

Watch Kate’s full conversation with Megan here:

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